About us Furhel 2023-03-09

About us

What are we?

Our story began with a simple problem (after all, the best ideas often come from such situations, right?). Faced with furniture orders for homes, suppliers would refuse projects because they were „impossible” or because „nobody does it that way”. Moreover, the painful question of lead times – waiting for a common kitchen furniture or a simple wardrobe would take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Drawing on our experience in large furniture projects, we transformed our expertise and focused it on the home market. We turned home furniture into projects, starting an entirely different production and implementation process. Innovative, fast, and high-quality.

What do we do?

We have more than 15 years of experience in furniture manufacturing and project management for offices, restaurants, hotels, private homes, and apartments. Now, our main mission is the production of furniture for residential homes and apartments. We deal with full projects, not just the production of individual furniture pieces. We want “Furniture help” to become the first point of contact for people with all home furnishing issues, from furniture production to the selection of household appliances, plumbing and lighting solutions. Experienced project managers and manufacturers have come together to create the best possible experience for their customers.

Why do we do it?

Modern furniture should not only be beautiful – furniture designers increasingly rely on engineering and technological solutions, making products more functional. Our goal is to create products that you will like. A perfect synergy between the client and the manufacturer in creating dream homes. Forget about long lead times – we aim to get you settled in your new home in the shortest possible time. Because every moment spent creating a cozy home and nurturing relationships with loved ones is crucial, we want you to trust us with your home furnishing worries. You will only need to focus on daily challenges with renewed energy and inspiration, without worrying about furniture production, household appliances, or lighting options. „Furniturehelp” was born to help people save not only time and money but also to create homes where living is good.